Management solutions

PMG Advisory is an advisory firm, based in the Netherlands, that offers management solutions to help companies improving their business. We mainly focus on the international energy industry. Below you will find our main service areas.


Business consulting

As a result of economic growth new markets are being developed and mature markets change due to competition and/or innovation. To create customer value and to differentiate your company or unit, we can help you to grow or change your business. For example if you want to enter a new market segment, merge businesses, launch a new product, increase the sales or improve commercial processes we offer a wide range of tailor made solutions. From the development of a business strategy towards an operational plan.

Interim management

When you have the need for a technical or commercial interim management solution to bridge the gap and continue your business we can help you. In addition we can facilitate restructuring and integration processes to change your company or a part of it towards the desired direction. We can support you with the development of a new vision and strategy as well as with the implementation process. We have a strong track record to create support under the local staff and stake/share holders to adopt the change and get things done in time.

Personal coaching

Sometimes in your life or in your professional career you are facing with some challenges or with a specific case. You are not sure whether or not you are facing with a bear on the road ahead and doubt how to deal with it. It affects your comfort zone or energy level. You have the ambition to extend your leadership skills to have more impact in your social or professional life. Our personal coach can help you to reflect on your behaviour and to determine your next steps. You are the director of your own personal development to stay or get back in control.